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Málaga, España

Dr. Juan José Gómez Doblas

Dr. Juan José Gómez Doblas

Head of The Cardiac Surgery Unit
en Vithas Xanit Internacional
Especialidad Cardiac Surgery
Idiomas Inglés, Español
Se graduó 1990 (28 años desde la graduación)
Educación MD, Malaga University (1990).
Experiencia profesional Specialist training:

Specialist Degree in Family and Community Medicine obtained from the Virgen de la Victoria University Teaching Hospital (1993).
Specialist Degree in Cardiology obtained from the Cardiology Unit at the Virgen de la Victoria University Teaching Hospital in Malaga (1997).

Clinical experience:
Fellow Researcher in the Department of Cardiology at the Mount Sinai Medical Centre in Miami Beach, Florida, USA (1997).

University teaching experience:
Lecturer at the IAVANTE Foundation.
Membresías Member of the Cardiology Unit at The Virgin de la Victoria University Teaching Hospital. Head of the Cardiology Unit. Director of the UGC Heart Unit at the Virgen de la Victoria University Teaching Hospital (from July 1998 until present).

Member of the Technical Committee of the Ministry of Health, Social Welfare and Equality for the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Strategy of Ischemic Cardiopathy used in the National Health Service.

President-elect of the Andalusian Society of Cardiology.

Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the Official College of Physicians for the Province of Malaga

Member of the Board of Evaluators for the ‘Foundation Progress and Health for Research’ Projects during the following years: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.
Premios Pfizer Prize, sixth edition, for the Innovation and Excellence in Clinical Management of the project "New forms of managing outpatient consultation and diagnostic tests in Cardiology ". Authors: JJ Gómez Doblas, E de Teresa.

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