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Centro de Oncología Neolife


Estanbul, Turquía

Dr. Elçin Biçer

Dr. Elçin Biçer

Centro de Oncología Neolife
Especialidad Psychotherapy
Idiomas Inglés, Turco
Se graduó 2006 (12 años desde la graduación)
Educación İstanbul University- Psychosocial Oncology Program, MSc. (2008-2010)
Bogazici University- The department of Psychology (2000-2006)
Experiencia profesional 2010 Neolife Medical Center

2009-2009 Beşyıldız Kindergarten - Ispartakule

2007-2008 Bahçeşehir Collage

2010 Cognitive Therapy Boot Camp- Dr. Padesky

2009 The First Clinical Interview and Clinical Assessment/Clinical Therapy Skills – Dr. Emel Stroup


Dramatherapy in Cancer: A 16-week program. We apply it in two hours each week to a closed 10-12 participant- group which is composed of patients, patients’relatives and medical team). In addition, we present a play every year.

Medical Dance/movement therapy: A 8-week program. We apply it one-and-half hour each week to a 4-6 participant-group.

‘Enchancing Connections’ Corporate Social Responsibility Project: This is a 5-session training program for parents with cancer. It helps parents in terms of how to communicate about cancer with their children and how to manage emotional reactions. This 5-session program has been created by Prof. Fran Lewis and Dr. Ellen Zahlis from Washington University. The program has started in 3 pilot cities of Turkey by volunteer certified 10 psychologists.
Certificaciones Dance/Movement Therapy-International Dance Therapy Association (2013-2015)
Medical Conscious Hynopsis – Uskudar University (2014-2015)
Enchancing Connections(Family in Cancer)-Dr. Fran Lewis(September-2014)
Introductory seminars in Psychoanalysis and Case Formulation-Istanbul Psychoanalytic Association(2012-2014)
Comprehensive Coaching U Inc. -108 hours-2007)

Cognitive Therapy Boot Camp- Dr. Padesky - 2010
The First Clinical Interview and Clinical Assessment/Clinical Therapy Skills – Dr. Emel Stroup- 2009
Cognitive Therapy with the Anxiety Disorders- Dr. Emel Stroup – 2009
Cognitive Therapy Basic Skills and Depression- Dr. Emel Stroup – 2009
Supervision – Dr. Nevin Dölek- 2008
-Dr. Ilene Serlin and Dr. Marcia Leventhal (2014-2015)

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