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Hospital Ruber Internacional


Madrid, España

Dra. Esther Rodríguez Muñiz

Dra. Esther Rodríguez Muñiz

Supervisor Maternity and Infants
en Hospital Ruber Internacional
Idiomas Inglés, Español
Educación NURSING COLLEGE DIPLOMADA University of Barcelona (1983)
PEDIATRIC NURSE SPECIALIST by exceptional track (2015)
BOLS course instructor (Basic Life Support Obstetrics)
Accredited by the Spanish Association of Emergency, organized by the Ruber Hospital in the years 2010-2014.
Participation ongoing CPR Pediatric and Neonatal organized by the Hospital Gregorio Maranon de Madrid in the 2005 edition.
Participation in several editions, in courses in neonatology, organized by the Aula Pediatric Hospital Sant Joan de Deu de Barcelona.
Certificate of training in team management issued by TEA CEGOS in mixed mode.
Certificate of training in Emotional Self-Care and Communication Skills issued by the Antae Institute in modality.
Experiencia profesional Since 1986 in the Hospital Ruber Internacional as Nurse services: Operating Room,
ICU, maternity, hospitalization and ICU Neonatology.
Since 2007 Supervisor Maternity and Neonatology Unit.
Since 2008, member of the Ethics Committee for Clinical Research Ruber International Hospital.

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