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Prof. Yoram Kluger, MD

Prof. Yoram Kluger, MD

Director, Department of General Surgery
en El Centro Médico Rambam
Especialidad General Surgery
Idiomas Inglés, Hebreo
Acerca de He was the Founder, Director of the Rabin Trauma Center at the Tel Aviv Medical Center and the first in Israel to establish a dedicated hospitalization center for multiple injured patients. He is world known for his research on medical preparedness and medical infrastructure management in mass casualty incidents.

Dr. Kluger's main interest is surgical oncology and trauma surgery. He coordinates all pancreatic surgeries in the Department of Surgery "B" and together with the Department of Oncology specializes in the field of intra-abdominal radiotherapy.
Dr Kluger is a clinical associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Technion.
Educación Dr. Kluger graduated from the School of Medicine of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
Experiencia profesional He completed his general surgery residency at the Hadassah Medical Center. He further trained in surgery at the Allegheny Medical Center in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

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