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Dr. Ahmed Assalia, MD

Dr. Ahmed Assalia, MD

Deputy Director, The Department of General Surgery
en El Centro Médico Rambam
Especialidad General and Laparoscopic Surgery
Idiomas Inglés, Hebreo
Acerca de Dr. Assalia is Acting Deputy Director of the Department of Surgery "B" since 2000 and a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the Technion Faculty of Medicine. He has published over 70 papers, 9 chapters and a textbook.

His fields of clinical interest include general and laparoscopic surgery of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine glands, solid organs, abdominal wall hernias, palmar hyperhidrosis and obesity surgery.
Educación Dr. Ahmad Assalia is a graduate of the Hebrew University- Hadassah Medical School and the General Surgery program at Rambam Medical Center. He completed a sub-specialty in Vascular Surgery at Rambam and an additional research and clinical fellowship in Laparoscopic Surgery at the Mount Sinai and Cornell Medical Centers in New York, NY, USA.
Membresías Dr. Assalia is a member of the editorial board of two international surgical journals and was a co-founder of an international laparoscopic society. He is an active member of the Israeli, European and American Surgical and Laparoscopic societies.

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